Rifkin & Associates                                      Tel. 760-941-7067 Dave Rifkin MB&A ENGINEERS                                      Tel. 818-845-1585 Mel Bilow Burbank, CA 91506 Engineer for the Tieger House in New Jersey, which was featured in Architectural Record March 1997 JYA Consulting Engineers Inc.  (Sam Yamauchi – PE)                                Tel. 925-253-8044 89 Davis Road, #120 Orinda, CA 94583 Mechanical Engineer for the Larry Ellison Project “Mountain Home Rd” M.E. California Energy Design                 Tel. 818-790-6817 Richard Gilbert 4517 Angeles Crest Hwy La Canada, CA 91011 RG Lauthier Co.                                           Tel. 760-738-8798 485 Corporate Dr. Escondido, CA 92029 Analysystems, Inc.                                       Tel.  925-447-1500 x 15 Paul Esser 510 Greenville Rd. Livermore, CA 94550  


Altieri Sebor Wieberg                                 Tel. 203-866-5538 31 Knight St. Norwalk, CT 06851 Steve Carpino or Steve Lembo Designer of Kwok Residence – CT and St. Johns Archeology Building – Baltimore, MD  


Seckinger Design Associates                  Tel. 770-719-3589 Fayetteville, GA 30215 Designer of two Chapels and Mausoleum in Michigan  


US and Associates                                      Tel. 815-722-6030 Russ Urbanik Chicago, IL Designed Resurrection Chapel in Michigan James Gage                                      Tel. 660 216 2239 Designer of Gurnee Community Church Gurnee Illinois Call after 5 PM.  He retired from engineering and now teaches school. Henneman Raufeisen                                Tel. 217-359-1514 Theresa Lehr Champaign, IL Designed  Artwick Residence – Lehman Design Consultants                    Tel. 312-201-9733 David Lehman Chicago, IL Designed  Mullet Residence in Pensacola Florida. Environmental Systems Design               Tel. 312-372-1200 Warren Bergquist Fazel Mahmood                                          Tel. 312-554-9090 Skidmore Owings  



New York:

Kan Chiu Associates                                  Tel. 917-743-3267 Designer of Chinese Christian Church, Brooklyn NY Ambrosino, Depinto & Schmieder              Tel.: 212-645-6060 275 Seventh Ave. 21st Fl. New York, NY 10001 Project Engin. : Dominic Depinto  


Dynamic Design Engineering                   Tel. 814 536 1651 Matt Sotosky Johnstown, PA Designer of Robert Morris College Cell Phone 814 322 5458 W2A Design Group                                     Tel. 610-437-4450 Louis Leposa Designer of St Isadore Church and Euston Medical Center HMS Engineers Lombard Illinois School Langston Hughes Chicago Public School Leeds. Dickinson Law School Carsile PA